John Hansen (left) and John Jackson (right) wearing matching sweatshirts and hanging with Stomper.

Thanks for visiting Oakland Fan Pledge! This site was started by John Hansen and John Jackson - We are a couple of guys in our early 30's, greying and balding a little faster than we would have hoped, but otherwise fortunate in that we were born A's fans.  We've put this website together ourselves, but relied on a lot of help from family, friends and other Oakland fans.  

We met in elementary school steps away from Lake Merritt, and grew up playing little league together and attending countless A's games.  We went to high school and college together, all the while wearing our green and gold with pride.  John H. now lives in Alameda and is a season ticket holder, attending A's games with his wife and daughter as often as he can.  John J. lives in Pasadena and watches the A's online, at Angels Stadium or at the Coliseum when visiting the Bay with his wife and one year-old son.  John H. has a background in non-profit project management, and John J. works as an urban planner in Los Angeles. 

We started this website because we wanted to give an outlet to frustrated A's fans who want to have their voice heard in support of the A's, and in support of Oakland.  The A's fans we know are unhappy with the uncertain future of the team and the state of the facility the A's play in.  A's fans are also angry that current owners tell local fans the team has no future in the East Bay, while at the same time relying on low attendance as an argument for why the team should move away.  

We came upon this concept while looking into how fans in other cities have taken action to retain and regain their professional sports franchises.  We were heartened by fans in Winnipeg who were instrumental in drawing the Jets hockey team back home, and inspired by a similar effort in Sacramento ( that was influential in keeping the NBA's Kings in town. 

Show your support by pledging today, and tell your fellow A's fans to do the same.  We know that A's fans are the best in baseball, and we take pride in our team and our city.  We also know that the fan support is out there, we just have to tap into it.  Join us in spreading the word that Oakland fans are ready, willing and able to help keep the A's where they belong.  To read more, visit our FAQ page

If you have an idea for how we can better reach A's fans, please contact us at